Te Rapa Tournament Draws....(view in Excel or pdf)

What Can QuickDraw Do ?

  • Create 4,5,6,8,10,16 and 32 draws. program
  • Store a database of all player names, codes and points, imported from each new grading list as published on Squash's web page. (No more manually typing these details)
  • Store contact details of competitors in all previous tournaments.
  • Fast searching for player entry.
  • Create printed copies of each division.
  • Print player-lists (sorted by points, club or surname) with 1st round match times and contact details.
  • Print tournament results in the required format for the club statistician to send to NZ Squash.(Exports to Excel )
  • Most of all - save hours of handwriting.
  • QuickDraw 4.2 is a stand alone windows program and will run in Win95 or later requiring 10-15 MB of HD space.
  • Software designed for New Zealand singles squash tournaments.

For a Fresh Install of QuickDraw 4.2

Follow this link to download the full installation package from my Dropbox. Download QuickDraw 4.2.xyz Trial Basic Edition Installation Package The free trial download will create 4 and 8 draws only. If you would like a copy with full functionality, please contact me.

Latest version of the QuickDraw full install package is 4.2.006, released 15-June-2014. There is no cost to trial QuickDraw for your next tournament



To Update an Existing QuickDraw 4.2 Installation

Last update 4.2.007 released 14-June-2015. Use this to update an existing 4.2 installation. Download QDraw42.xyz Update Only.zip




Get started by opening the sample draw or create a dummy tournament to familiarise with QuickDraw's functions.

Print player lists sorted by last name or points. No more hand writing out draws.


Import grading list files published on Squash's web-site.

Just in case .....Create easy backup of the entire database.

Maintain a list of past players.


Save up to 3 past tournaments.

Setup and accept entries for multiple events at a time by opening a selected tournament.

Go directly to your setup screen or display draws already created.


Once you are in the Setup screen, use fast filtering to locate any player.

The example on the left, started with all men on the NZ grading list (that's almost 10,000 !) and reduced it to 1 record in 5 keystrokes.

Manually add anyone not found on the official list into QuickDraw's system so they can be included in the tournament.